Components Catalog

CRS/VAMIC components Catalog

2013 edition

New version, with update products, added accessories. Download it today.

CRS/VAMIC Brochure

Brochure CRS/VAMIC

2012 edition

Company brochure offering a sneak peak at the different product lines we offer Download it today.

CRS/VAMIC components Catalog

2011 edition

Contains a complete list of components, wearstrips, chains, motors, conveyor accessories, supports, leveling pads, rollers and much much more Download it today.

Modular belt Catalogs

HABASIT Hyclean CIP system

Product brochure and video

Media 4153 - Published in 2012

Find out more about the Hyclean CIP system from Habasit. Download it today.

HABASIT-LINK Plastic Modular belts

Product guide

Media 4178 - Published in 2009

Find all of the belt styles available from Habasit, KVP, Falcon and RAM combined in this complete product guide. Download it today.

HABASIT-LINK Plastic Modular belts

Engineering Guide Lines

Media 6031 - Published in 2011

All of the technical information required for designing your conveyor, for Habasit LINK belt style, from the micro pitch series to the largest. Download it today.

HABASIT-LINK Plastic Modular belts

Installation Guide Lines

Media 6100 - Published in 2008

All of the installation and assembly information required for Habasit LINK belt style. Download it today.

Cleandrive belts (XVT)

HABASIT Cleandrive conveyor belts

Product Guide

Media 4238 - Published in 2011

Detailled information on Cleandrive conveyor belts. Download it today.

Van Der Graaf Drum Motors

Van Der Graaf Drum Motors

Product Guide

Media F650 - Published in 2013

A guide to the features and benefits of a drum motor. Download it today.

Van Der Graaf SSV Series

SSV Series Drum motors

Published in 2013

Specifications on SSV series drum motors. Download it today.

Slat Top Chains - Habachain

HABASIT Slat and Conveyor chain catalog

Product Guide

Media 4185 - Published in 2013

Detailled information on conveyor chains. Download it today.

Sanitary hose and fittings

Sanitary Couplers Hose and fittings

Detailed Catalogue

Published in 2012

Detailled information on Sanitary hose and fittings. Download it today.